I want to welcome you by saying that this blog on fears would have never been written if I would have listened to my fears. My inner negative voice kept telling me, ‘You’re not interesting’ and ‘Only a handful of people will read this blog and those that do will think you’re an insanely negative person’. Luckily, I have become very aware of this negative voice and have spent the last few years learning to counter it with a more confident positive voice. A voice that told me, ‘If this is helping you, make damn sure to take others with you on this journey’.

I want to share my everyday experiences on this blog and make you part of my journey to live a less fearful life by challenging or accepting the negative thoughts I encounter daily. These thoughts come in all shapes and sizes from fear, shame, guilt, jealousy, and self-doubt. Moreover, I want to share the tools, ideas, and inspirations I use to help counter these thoughts so that you can also practice regaining that control and live a less fearful and negative life.

Before you go and dive into the blogs check out this amazing quote below. I try and say it to myself every morning. 

My dear, you are beautiful, smart, talented, cherished, important, special, worthy and loved. Don't allow your own thoughts to tell you otherwise

And if your thoughts do tell you otherwise, check out my posts here.

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Join me on my journey, and face your own fears.