Who am I?

I am a woman who loves nature, sports, painting and people. I am a wife to my amazing husband who is in many ways part of this blog. I am a mother of two children, my boy Noam who is 3,5 and an extremely energetic explorer, and my girl Misha who we nicknamed Mowgli, because she is as wild as she is kind, and she looks like Mowgli after each meal. I am also an author and have written several children’s stories, a cook book, travel guides, and themed adventure books.  My mission for many of these books was to promote the Belarusian language and my country of birth Belarus. I am also a mindfulness practitioner who wants to empower people to live in the now, moment-by-moment, not fearing the past or the future.

I have done a lot of things in my life and believed that for many years I wasn’t guided by fear or negative thoughts. I mean I used to be addicted to bungee jumping. How can you fear anything after that? Well, I found out that life has different kinds of fears (and other negative emotions). Shame, guilt, low self-esteem, and jealousy are all forms of fear.  Some people are afraid of the dark, while others are afraid of sweaty armpits. Some people are afraid of their boss, while others are ashamed of their bodies. These negative emotions are often sneakily hidden in our minds, like little voices talking to us, and therefore often regarded as just being us.

In 2017, I experienced a dark moment in my life. I had too many projects going at the same time and even more new ideas I wanted to start. I also had two young children and it all became too much, and I felt burned out. It wasn’t a happy moment. But as it often goes, this dark time turned out to be one of the most valuable moments in my life, because it led me to discover and face my fears and other negative thoughts and emotions: the ones I thought I didn’t really have, remember? Well, I found out that on the surface I am always making sure that people think I am fine. Life is great, and I am riding a big wave. Then, I learnt to be more honest about it:  inside of me, life didn’t always feel that great. Once I discovered that I do have negative thoughts controlling me, and stopping me from growing, I wanted to do something about it. I started to meditate and took mindfulness classes. These classes changed my life. I decided to focus my energy; switching careers from being a program developer, trainer in customer development, and marketing freelancer, to now becoming a mindfulness teacher so I can inspire and empower people to grow by not letting negative thinking control their lives.

I work on starting a mindfulness school and develop a nature and mindfulness program for parents and children, so they can learn together and from one another about nature and mindfulness. And of course, I plan to write many more children and grown-up books about mindfulness and fears.

So, as you can see, I truly believe that no matter where you are in life, whether you are a professional bodybuilder, an accountant, or a stay-at-home mom, we all have fears in us that in some way or another decide too often how we feel and what action we take (or often not take). I would love to inspire and offer support to anyone who is ready to face their fears.

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