rain will get us wet

Beeeh rain will get us all wet!

You might recognise this situation. You made a plan to go somewhere and then it’s pouring outside and all these voices in your head are telling you: ‘Nooo don’t go out there, beeeh, you will get wet’! Looking out the window my fears crept in. In 20 minutes, I was meant to leave for my mother’s house with the kids. ‘You will get totally soaked. The kids will get sick’. That inner voice was trying to convince me that while biking to my mom’s house all these bad things were going to happen…just because it was raining. Luckily my fear alert went on and then I thought of ways to flip these fears around.

What positive benefits could cycling through the rain possibly have, I thought. Well, the first one is that I teach my kids that rain is not as bad as it looks. This is one value I really want to pass on to my kids: there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing! I believe this experience of biking through the rain may teach them that rain, clouds, wind, and storms are as much fun as sunshine. I then thought about how much my mom would appreciate us coming to see her and seeing the kids. And then thought about how I must lead by example. If I had chosen to stay home after telling the kids we would go and visit grandma, they would see that mom is actually afraid of rain. So, I visualised our bike trip, all of us soaking wet but singing songs about the rain in the rain. And this was the best kick in the ass I needed to get the boots on and cycle to my mom’s. Because you know what, mommy is not afraid of the rain because mommy is a badass!

Once we were outside I told the kids to find the nicest puddle and jump in it! They did, 20 times. Eat that negative voice! Their happy faces were all I needed to see to confirm that what I am doing is the right thing. We then got on the bike and sang songs, just like I imagined. And we all arrived at my mom’s place safe and very happy….and yes, a little wet!

What do you do when it’s bad weather? Do you go out no matter what? Or does it stop you from doing things you want or planned to do? Just be mindful next time about your thoughts on this, and perhaps you can challenge yourself to see bad weather as an excellent opportunity to jump in a puddle!

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