fear of forgetting fears

Fear of forgetting my fears.

This morning I had an amazing fear. Unfortunately, I forgot it as quickly as it came and that caused a lot of frustration. I started to blame myself, ‘Why did I forget to write it down. You should know better. If you don’t write it down immediately you will forget it’!

But then I thought, ‘But wait, this is exactly something I never considered was a worry or fear and here I am worrying about it’? This worry was in the past and it’s something I can’t control because it already happened. The only thing I can do is to not I let it capture me in this moment. So, I accepted it, thought of what I would say to a friend who would have forgotten something, and told myself that this happens to the best of us, that I need to trust myself that either it will come back to me or another fear will soon appear.

I laughed and started to sing that song,  ‘Have a little faith in meeeee, have a little faith in meeee.  And while John Hiatt sang to some girl to have faith in him, I think all of us can sing this to ourselves, that we should have a little faith in me, in ourselves! This totally helped me to relax, laugh even more, and trust myself!

So maybe you can also use a song when you fear something to help you relax or to laugh about your worries or fears or whenever or whatever negative thoughts appear?

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