sweaty fool

I will look like a sweaty fool.

So while I was standing in front of my closet, trying to pick which t-shirt I was going to wear today, I suddenly became aware of a fear! And the fear appeared when I took a t-shirt that might show sweat around my armpits. And my fear was, ‘If you sweat, which most likely you will, you will make a fool out of yourself and people will be grossed out by you. Not sexy at all! AHAH’! Taking a deep breath in, I caught the fear! And then I decided to face that fear by challenging myself to wearing that t-shirt! So I did. Well, the sweaty story continued throughout the day, especially once I felt the cold sweat under my armpits began advancing. And there it was; the fear that people will be grossed out when they will see my sweat popped back into my head. So, I first tried to keep my arms down; a robotic attempt to hide the inevitable. I then became aware that this was again giving into the fear. So what I did was quite impulsive. I said to my colleagues, ‘Wow I am warm! Look at that!’ and I swang my arms up in the air, showing off with my sweaty armpits! The look on their faces was a mix of humour and confusion but we all managed to laughed if not slightly uncomfortably. I soon explained to them why I did this, and we all agreed that it is actually ridiculous to be ashamed of something so natural like sweat. But also to feel limited by the choice of clothing, because let’s face it in many of the clothing you own you will be able to see once in a while sweaty armpits.

I feel that sometimes it’s really nice to involve people in your challenges, so you can release a bit of the pressure you put on yourself. It might even inspire others to be more open about fears and worries. So next time you experience negative thoughts or emotions towards something ask yourself how you could deal with it. Accepting it or maybe changing it by challenging yourself to just do it, to go and face the fear. And don’t forget at the end of the day to celebrate your victory on the fear or any other negative thoughts! You can do this!

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