No one will read this blog!

No one will read this blog!

So today a thought came into my head telling me that this blog will never be read by anyone. My low self worth voice echoed something like, ‘All the work I am putting into this blog is just for nothing. That no one will understand a word I am writing because my writing style is too complicated. And that the handful of people that will read the blog will think that I am an insanely negative and dark human being’. All these fears just entered, and I caught them! And I even laughed at them. Because this is exactly a great example of how fear thoughts can cause quite a lot of damage. For example, me pausing this project or even worse stop writing altogether. So instead of giving in, I decided to challenge myself and I bought a domain name: and started to slowly put the blogs I have been writing on it. This was quite challenging to figure out how all these things work, but luckily my husband is an undercover IT wannabe and he helped me to make sure that the first version of my blog looked somewhat decent.

I am now trying to focus on what impact the blog could have on you, and how it also nudges me to be aware of my negative thoughts and fears, so I will be able to share them with you and we all benefit!

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2 thoughts on “No one will read this blog!

  1. Marijn

    Hoi Masha,
    Mooie blog! Ik ben ook een werkende moeder met kinderen dus herkenbaar 🙂
    Groetjes, Marijn


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